Aspal Buton

PT.Putindo Bintech has developed Buton Asphalt into different applications , each of them designed as cost effective solutions for every applicaton. The premium quality product from PT.Putindo Bintech is well known for its simple application, resistance to heavy loads and extreme temperatures, and economic value. PT.Putindo Bintech produces a variety of products suitable for different needs.

  • Buton Rock Asphalt acts a asphalt additive to imporve durability of hot mix pavements, which translates to better cost efficiency over the lifecycle of the pavement.
    Buton Granular Asphalt is a very good material to improve the quality of asphalt pavement comprehensively proved by the results of several studies both inside and outside the country. In Buton asphalt content there are about 20-30% pure Bitumen and 70-80% mineral lime or lime stone.
    In use bitumen in asbuton serves as a binder as a function of oil bitumen and minerals serves as a filler and fine aggregate on the mixture according to the gradation of the mixture used. At the time of mixing in AMP( Asphalt Mixing Plant), Buton Granular Asphalt (BGA) as modifier can be inserted via filler gate or special conveyor and directly mixed with hotmix after through the scales and can run manually or automatically.
  • Lawele granular Asphalt substitutes petroleum asphalt pavement, a lower cost , thus providing lower initial cost of asphalt pavement. It's been widely used for village Road, Residential Neighborhood Street, plantation road, as well as the district roads on the construction of LPMA, Butur Seal, and Cold Paving Cold Mix Asphalt (CPHMA).
  • Premix provides quality pavement at a low cost, because it is available year-round and can be applied without heating. Can be used in district roads, environmental roads, roads on remote islands far from AMP as a re-layer above the old road as well as new roads and and very practical for repair / patching potholes. Since 2012 until now this product has been used in district area and city roads in Southeast Sulawesi Province, South Sulawesi, Madura Island, Bali Island and West Java either as a rework / overlay as well as repair / patching potholes.