BRA B 5/20 (Buton Rock Asphalt)

BRA (Buton Rock Asphalt)

BGA (Buton Granular Asphalt) serves as an additive to the hot mix. The addition of BRA as a modifier can improve the performance and durability of heavy loads and extreme weather due to an increase in stability value and bitumen soft point value. Asphalt oil which modified Asphalt Buton grains on a paved mixture can increase the stability value between 20% - 30%. Stability value is the main performance index of asphalt pavement on road construction especially to the increase of resistance to traffic load. Asphalt Buton asphalt is very good material to improve the quality of asphalt pavement comprehensively proven with the results of several studies both inside and outside the country. In Asbuton content there are about 20-30% pure Bitumen and 70-80% mineral lime or lime stone. in use the bitumen in the asbuton serves as a binding agent as well as the oil asphalt function, and the minerals serves as a filler and fine aggregate on the mixture according to the gradation of the mixture used.

Use BRA/BGA is also very easy and efficient, just by mixing it with bitumen and aggregate in pug mill without additional equipment or mixer again. This product is processed from bitumen buton with low penetration value and high softening point, thereby effectively improving the durability of the road.

BRA® is the result of Asbuton processing with high quality asphalt grain with grain size max 2.36 dmm. Designed as a solution to the demands:

  • Growth of vehicle traffic load
  • Increased quality of asphalt pavement
  • Increased aspects of ride comfort
  • Increased safety aspects
  • Increased efficiency of investment value

BRA products are easy to apply, do not use extra equipment in AMP (Asphalt Mixing Plant). The product is added directly to the pug mill through the filler silo line. Produce long-lasting road performance, minimal need for road repairs, has resistance to heavy loads due to increased stability. Can reach the top of 2500 tracks / minute.

Bitumen content; % 24 - 27
Water content; % Maks. 2
Bitumen's penetration; 0,1 mm < 10