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				Buton asphalt mining areas in Kabungka

PT. Putindo Bintech is specializing in the development, production and supply of processed natural rock asphalt / bitumen by manufacturing premium raw material for hot, warm and cold mix asphalt with superior performance against all weather conditions.

As a naturally occurring resource, processing Buton Asphalt requires less energy than processing regular petroleum asphalt.Development of Buton Asphalt in warm mix application further reduces the carbon footprint of road pavement,making Buton Asphalt a truly green innovative product. Furthermore, asphalt pavement in general has been proven to produce less carbon emission than concrete pavement. In addition to being recyclable and renewable, the smoother surface of asphalt pavement also contributes to less fuel consumption and less wear and tear on vehicles when compared to concrete pavements an unpaved gravel roads.

Asphalt Buton is a natural asphalt that has been found on the island of Buton, Southeast Sulawesi since 1924. Asphalt Buton has been used in Indonesia with various technologies, with varying degrees of success. Asphalt Buton, or commonly called Asbuton, is different from the oil asphalt that has been known. Unlike petroleum bitumen, Buton asphalt is naturally occuring and requires less processing to produce and apply.

Commitment of PT. Putindo Bintech is supplying premium quality natural bitumen, durable, lightweight maintenance, easy to apply, resistant to heavy loads and extreme weather changes by enforcing strict quality control and professional management schemes.

Equipped with high-tech facilities and supported by selective selection of raw materials and strict quality control. PT. Putindo Bintech maximize efforts to provide the best solutions in the paving for both local and international customers.