LGA B 50/30 BAI (Lawele Granurale Asphalt)

LGA (Lawele Granular Asphalt)

LGA (Lawele Granurale Asphalt) serves as partial replacement proportion of oil asphalt about 40% and can be used for all type of mixture of Cold Mix, Warm Mix and Hot Mix, according to Bina Marga specification, circular of Minister of PUPR No.10 / SE / M / 2013. has a texture that is perfect for light and medium traffic loads (<10 mio ESA) such as rural roads.

Sourced from the Lawele mine, LGA® has 25% -35% bitumen content. Penetration value 40-60 dmm, close to penetration of oil asphalt, with grain size up to 3/8 inch. LGA can also function as a substitute of 100% bitumen oil when used as a binder on the macadam penetration path. LGA can also function as a replacement for 100% bitumen oil when used as a binder in penetration macadam road. The characteristic of LGA asbuton which is more like the oil asphalt makes LGA replacing more of the oil asphalt with lower price thus reducing the required investment in road construction.

LGA (Lawele Granular Aphalt) concept utilizes high bitumen content with excellent bitumen properties in asbuton lawele for asphalt substitution of oil in hot asphalt mixture, cold, RMA and macadam penetration layer.

Use of LGA has been proven to save the road development budget significantly. It has been widely used for village roads, residential neighborhood roads, plantation roads, as well as district roads in the construction of LPMA, Butur Seal, and Cold Paving Hot Mix Asphalt (CPHMA).

Asbuton 50/30 and Asbuton 30/25 blended Modifiers are excellent for CPHMA, graded mix AC-WC mixed hot (Hot Mix) in the AMP and can be stored for up to 6 months.

Bitumen content; % 25 - 30
Water content; % Maks. 2
Bitumen Penetration 25℃, 5 sec, 100g (0,1 mm) 40-60