Premix or RMA (Ready Mix Asphalt) is suitable for consruction roads with low to medium traffic, or as a convenient ready to use material fot patching. Since Premix can be stored for long periods of time at room temperature, it is especially suitable to be used in areas with no Asphalt Mixing Plants available, such as remote areas or isolated island.

Delivered in bulk or in 40 kg bags, can be applied as hot mix, warm mix or cold mix. Premix ias a ready-to-use mix of aggregates, Buton Asphalt, and modifiers that meets the Cold Paving Hot Mix Asphalt (CPHMA) specification from the Indonesian Ministry of Public Works.

The cavity between the mineral aggregate (VMA) ; % Min. 16
Cavities in the mix (VIM) ; % 4-10
Cavity filled with asphalt (VFB) ; % Min. 60
Marshall's stability at air temperature ; Kg Min. 500
Bitumen content in mixture; % 6-8
Residual stability after soaking for 2 x 24 hours at air temperature ; % Min. 60