Our Commitment

				Buton asphalt mining areas in Lawele & FG warehouse in Lawele

In order to comply with demanding specifications of severe traffic loading in various weather conditions, our bituminous products are produced with tight quality control to ensure a high quality product at the end of the process, increasing the easiness of use and delivery.

In addition to its assurance for Buton asphalt reserve, PT.Putindo Bintech also ensures its product quality by controlling each and every activity from upstream to downstream processes, modern production process until packaging. Fully equipped with advanced facilities and supported by careful ore selection with rigorous quality control.

The raw material, as a key to get high quality end products, is selected through a series of quality check in order to comply with:

  • Controlled water content
  • Consistent bitumen content
  • Homogeneous material size

The combination of our quality assurance program and routine quality control will guarantee that each client will receive a constant high quality product at “on time-on budget” manner. Partnering with our customers and industry experts, our commitment is to create products which are used to build and maintain reliable road network that is economically viable and environmentally responsible.

Processing Buton Asphalt requires less energy than processing regular petroleum asphalt. Development of Buton Asphalt in warm mix application further reduces the carbon footprint of road pavement, making Buton Asphalt a truly green innovative product. PT.Putindo Bintech continuously strives to implement good mining practices and strict quality control to ensure sustainable production with consistent ouput. PT.Putindo Bintech remains committed to employ strict quality control from exploration to application, because customer satisfaction has always been the priority of PT.Putindo Bintech.