Buton Rock Asphalt from PT. Putindo Bintech

PT. Putindo Bintech is a leading natural asphalt / bitumen producer from Indonesia. Established since 2004, PT Putindo Bintech was founded with a vision to develop Buton’s asphalt as a high value added natural resource.

Buton's natural asphalt was originally discovered in 1924 and has since been developed to cater to different needs and applications, including penetration Macadam, hot mix asphalt, as well as bitumen modifier to improve pavement durability.Unlike petroleum bitumen, Buton asphalt is naturally occuring and requires less processing to produce and apply. While most asphalt binders are the by product of petroleum refining industry (residue from the distillation of petroleum), PT. Putindo Bintech's products of natural asphalt are obtained from natural deposits (asphalt mining). This is the main difference between petroleum asphalt and natural one.

In order to further leverage the technical and economic advantages of Buton asphalt, the Indonesian government issued the Decree of the Minister of Public Works No.35/PRT/M/2006,that stipulates the optimization of Buton Asphalt adoption. In addition, Buton Rock Asphalt has been legally recognized as an affective bitumen modifier by the People’s Republic of China, as stated in their national standard No.JT/T 8605-2014.

PT. Putindo Bintech is headquartered in Jakarta. Its mining and manufacturing sites are on Buton island of South East Sulawesi. With over 20,000 ha of collective mining areas and 2 manufacturing plants; PT. Putindo Bintech has been networking with various agents of infrastructure industry locally and globally to support that business operation. PT.Putindo Bintech continuosly strives to implement good mining practices and strict quality control to ensure sustainable production with consistent output.